My name is William Gannet and I am An Arkansas Tech University graduate in Information Technology. I graduated from University in the year 200 as a mature student and have been working with Access Systems and Devices for nine years now. I’ve  spent a considerable time before this in a couple other companies, but this job feels like what I’ve been looking for – a feeling of contentment in what I do.

Apart from working and sleeping like a log, I absolutely love learning more about the latest police scanners and other radio scanners introduced in the market and acquiring some of them, if my credit card permits me to. Quite contrary to my professional interests, two of my hobbies are reading and photography. As a kid, I used to imagine myself travelling all around the world, reading about the culture of every nation and capturing priceless moments with my camera. Now that I do a good bit of it, it gives me immense pleasure when I am on vacations and official trips.

Gadgets are my jam. I love learning about every new thing that’s flooding the market, its variants, how it works, the technology it uses and how it will improve the quality of our life. The year 2016 has been the peak year for gadgets. Who would have thought of a Bluetooth earbud equipped with a microphone system? These ear buds will reduce ambient noise by about 30 decibels. You can not only hear music using these ear buds but can also hear and be heard in the most annoying noises around.

Another little gadget I loved getting was the Fitbit Blaze, I was fascinated by how I could track my workout to find out if there was any benefit at all. MY workouts are now running at max capacity, I can keep a track of my heart rate, listen to music and also keep in touch with my friends and family. This was a great buy for me.

Now to come back to what I love doing – radio scanning. There’s something about keeping up to date with the undercover gossip and news on a police or security radio that really gets me going. It does not tire me at all and when I find that my work is getting those likes and hits, I’m thrilled beyond words.

I would call myself an experienced radio scanner enthusiast. I currently use the BCD436HP as my handheld option and the BCD996P2 for my home. It has been around 7 years I have been scanning for frequencies. It does not come easily and you need very steady patience and a hunger to learn but once you are aware of how to work your scanner, there is no looking back.

Reading transports me to a different world altogether. I read about everything; from technology to fiction, I have no specific genre that I dislike. Reading and learning about new technological advancements excites the techie in me. However, I do read a good bit of medical thrillers too. Robin Cook has been my eternal favorite. I do tend to read more about science and technology since that is what my genre has always been.

This is what comprises me; a set of great frequencies to lock into, a few hundred books stacked in my room and an eternal love for gadgets of all kinds.