Radio Shack PRO-650 Review : Alternative Desktop Radio Scanner

If you like to stay updated with all the information in your town, then investing in a radio scanner is must. You may be wondering why you would want to get a scanner just for the information. Well, there are many reasons for that like:

  • You keep yourself updated about the happenings in your locality
  • Listening to the police channels can keep you amused
  • Again, listening to the weather reports can keep you abreast about changes in weather conditions and natural calamities
  • Some of these are portable scanners and you can use them in the house as well as in your vehicle
  • Aspiring professionals can get a hint of what emergency services get up to

Now if you are still asking the question “how do I find the best scanner and what do I need to look for” then take a look at our main article. Here we are going to discuss the Radio Shack PRO-650 Desktop Scanner – I picked this up from amazon a while back now for around the 200 bucks mark – but was it really worth it? Let’s find out.

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The Radio Shack PRO-650 is a notable device because of its salient features. That is right, you heard us; it has a boatload of elements that makes it an impressive device for anyone who prefers listening to multiple channels. Let us have a look at the aspects that makes it a great tool.

  • Design – Easily, this is a smart looking scanner and there are no doubts about it. The gray body and the black detailing add to its looks without a second thought. Most users praise it for this and one cannot ignore them too.
  • Brand – Radio shack is a well-known name in electronics and is popular for its unique products. It has an array of products ranging from scanners, digital scanner, radios to drones. Investing in a brand means capitalizing in a quality product. You should always trust a brand over those fortnightly come and go companies. Radio Shack has proven its worth and now it time for you give it a consideration.
  • Functionality – This device can scan 200 channels and a PC interface that you can program. It comes with exclusive one touch service keys dedicated to police, fire, air and marine to name a few. In continuation, the backlit display (LCD) makes it easy to read. Moreover, the weather channels keep you updated about the weather conditions. Furthermore, you can choose between AM and FM anytime you want. This truly keeps you entertained with FM channels that you can tune into at times.
  • Pre-program – It is pre-programmed and is yet another facet that makes it exceptional for sure. It comes auto programmed, 153 frequencies that are in use across the country.


  • Is a desktop scanner
  • Has 200 channels to scan
  • Can scan 40 channels in one second
  • Can search 80 channels in a second
  • Fixed mode AM or FM
  • Has a built in radio
  • You can set one priority channel as per your requirement
  • Comes with Signal Stalker II for local channel searches
  • One touch keys for police, fire, air and many more
  • Has PC interfering facility
  • Get weather alerts from S.A.M.E. and Sky warn
  • Also includes weather channels like NOAA
  • You can get notified about weather conditions in your area as well in 7 other locations
  • LCD comes with backlit
  • Light in weight, around 3 pounds
  • Compact in size
  • Easy to store
  • Keep it stationed as it is a desktop scanner
  • User friendly, only if you know how to operate with a scanner
  • Has a telescopic antenna
  • Sensible pricing makes it a practical choice

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We suggest that you to understand how to work any scanner by reading from the manufacturer’s guidelines or watching videos on youtube. There are quite a few ways of learning to operate it. Just like all the other scanners we have reviewed we have come across some users that have this to be “useless” because they did not know how to operate it. There is no point marking down the product like this and we would suggest that you get hands on first, before investing in a scanner.

Our verdict

We say if you like to collect information or stay updated then the Radio Shack PRO-650 is a great choice. It is a device that can offer the pleasure of AM and FM in one. Additionally, you can get it at major online retailers and that certainly makes your life easy. Extra discounts from these retailers (time to time) can make it more exciting. This scanner makes a good gift for anyone that enjoys listening to these thrilling interactions throughout the day. What are you waiting for?