How to Build a Shortwave Radio

Kits and Homebrew Radios Have Character and Quality

There are two ways to build a workable short wave radio. The choices involve building a radio from scratch or purchasing a kit with parts and plans included. Each technique has its own merits and its up your personal preference to decide.

Choose a Kit for Convenience or ‘From Scratch’ for Cost

Building from a plan is less expensive but a design must be chosen and parts have to be ordered and tested. Make a copy of the old Zenith “Oceanic” model with most parts available from Radio Shack. Those desiring a kit project should investigate the Ten-Tec series of kits at The are wonderful, easy to build radios.

Get a Copy of the Plans

Download and print all plans and diagrams from Most parts are available from Radio Shack though some parts may have to be ordered elsewhere. Check that you have access to all the tools listed. This kit can be built in a weekend. Have an unobstructed work area.

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