Uniden BC355N Review : Cheapest Base Police Radio Scanner

Uniden BC355N ReviewDo you want to stay updated with all that is happening in your city? Do you like listen to all the live action? Then you should consider getting a mobile scanner – if you are not familiar with radio scanning then check out our buyers guide of the best police scanners. But if you are reading this, then you may already know what you’re looking for. Have you heard of the Uniden BC355N yet? Okay, we understand that you are here to gather more details about it and see a solid review, so let us cut to the chase.

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Uniden is a well-known brand when it comes to manufacturing scanners. It manufactures devices that keep you safe, and informed on the latest news hitting your community. Most importantly, it is popular for manufacturing simple scanners that seem to be obsolete these days due to endless hard to use features that only a real expert scanning operator can figure out. With Uniden though their scanners are known to be simple to operate, of course with the exception of digital and high technical ones. We have found some remarkable characteristics in the Uniden BC355N that makes it stand out from the crowd:

  • Design–The black finish certainly makes it look attractive and lends it a mysterious aura. That quite naturally supports the kind of work it intends to do. The markings are easy to read and if you can keep the volume tuned down, it makes it more interesting for others.
  • Functionality–This scanner can pick up police as well as other emergency signals that make it a handy device. The backlit display makes it easy to read the markings even in low or dim light. This definitely adds to its utility and makes it a versatile device.
  • Portability–You are more than free to install this mobile scanner at your house or in your car. The choice is yours and you may be already thinking that this is a good bargain to strike. A basic scanner with portability makes your life easier as you can enjoy all its benefits.
  • Special highlights–The temporary lockout that lets you lockout the noisiest of channels in one instance makes it an amazing device. In the same, you can block channels that do not have interesting information. Doing so can help you scan channels faster.

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  • It is a digital scanner which is also capable of tuning into analog frequencies
  • It can scan 300 channels
  • It comes auto programmed with police, emergency services, fire, CB aircraft, weather bands and marines too
  • This pre-programmed service makes it an effortless task to locate frequencies
  • It is a mobile scanner
  • Light in weight
  • Set it up in your home or car as it is a mobile scanner
  • Easy to tug along
  • Clear readable display
  • Backlit makes it easy to read
  • Easy to install scanner
  • RF capture technology in use
  • This can upgraded to read digital radio frequencies as well (trunking)
  • This indicates that it can instantly pick up active frequencies
  • Can scan 100 channels in one second
  • Comes with AC adapters and DC power cables
  • It has a telescopic antenna
  • Reasonably priced base mobile scanner


Some unfortunate users found it hard to install, but just like any device you do need to have some level of knowledge to set it up. While we have noticed some others complain about the device not working properly again this stems from understanding how and why we operate a radio scanner – in other words do some research there are plenty of sites out there that help you get these things setup, one of the main places being Youtube.

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Final Verdict

With all the information, you may be feeling overwhelmed but there is no need to be. The point is if you want to stay abreast with your community, then you can get a scanner this scanner for both your home and car. It is a useful gadget if you use it to its full potential. No doubts, abusing it is easy, but there are genuine people that want to listen to live conversations. We are talking about them as they can absorb all the news from the Uniden BC355N that they want. Have a nosey neighbour? Or a friend that likes to know everything? Why not gift to someone who enjoys monitoring radio frequencies constantly. Be it for fun or work, this can prove to be a priceless possession for anyone that prefers listening to communications of all types throughout the day. Go ahead and gift it to someone you know!