Uniden BC365CRS Review : Clock/FM Radio Scanner with Weather Alert

Uniden BC365CRS
Are you a news enthusiast that’s itching to know the latest news before the reports splash? Chances are that you are looking for a scanner, right? If yes, then this post is for you – we are going to review Uniden’s BC365CRS 500 Channel radio scanner. As you may already know a radio scanner can unlock a whole new world of news and gossip – you may want to listen to the emergencies, communications or news coverage to stay abreast. You can read all about the best police scanners on our homepage so let’s dive straight into to looking closely at this particular scanner.

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This scanner can store 500 channels and can pick up signals that are within a range of 20-40 miles – great for keep check on local news and emergency broadcasts. Some of the common bands include Police, Marine radio traffic, Amateur Radio and Fire or EMS. It’s a great option if you want to keep up to date with the latest dramas in your town from the comfort of your own home. What are the features I hear you ask? the Uniden BC365CRS has features that are rare to find in an analog scanner these days, for example:

  • Elegant black finish – most base scanners come with an old worn-out look, Uniden have made this scanner with an elegant black sleek finish.
  • Has a sturdy body – this may sound stupid but my old base scanner cracked when a shelf fell down leaving its components exposed, I think this particular scanner would of took the punch a little better.
  • Comes with a weather alert – always great for tuning into weather broadcasts and being the top conversational starter when it comes to knowing what weather warnings your town is facing.
  • Is compliant with narrowband – very important for a scanner these days! I won’t go into details because I assume you know your stuff about radio scanners.
  • FM broadcasting stations – great for tuning into FM frequencies on your time off.
  • It can scan 90 channels in 1 second – absolutely amazing speed on this scanner allowed me to scan 90 channels in just 1 second, gone are the days of waiting and missing that all important news.
  • Its analog model makes it secured – a secured scanner is a safe scanner.
  • Can scan memory availability as well – being able to store frequencies is a must for me so that feature really helps to switch between channels easily.
  • It can also limit its frequency searching – great for if you want to drill down to a specific frequency range.
  • This beast has a loud audio – as I am getting older I start to appreciate a louder scanner, also some frequencies can have very poor reception making the broadcast quite so this feature really helps.


A few things make the Uniden BC365CRS a popular choice and they are like:

  • It was easy to install however could have been easier – if you know what you are doing then you are good to go but it could be a little bit of a learning curve for a newbie.
  • The LCD display is bright enough to allow easy readings
  • It has a 60 minute sleep timer which saves you batteries from getting low
  • Runs on simple AA batteries that are easily accessible in practically any convenience store but also comes with an AC adapter too
  • You can easily skip the channels that do not interest you
  • Touchtone keys in operation
  • Scans priority channels every 2 seconds
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty which makes it a reliable product


From looking at the pros you can possible recognize some cons. Remember this is an analog scanner so if you are seeking digital system to pick up digital broadcasts then it will not work for you. By reading other reviews you can tell the type of people that buy this scanner are looking for something simple and not too fancy. Some users have complained that they cannot tune into many frequencies and honestly, you need to know how to operate this scanner to unlock its full potential. Again, some have found this to be noisy, but you can always turn down the volume so it’s not a real problem.

Police World Wide Verdict

If your local area still runs on analog and you are looking for a easy to use base police scanner then this scanner could be the one for you – saying that if you are new to radio scanning you may want to seek an easier handheld scanner first. As we have already mentioned, it also features FM broadcasting which will keep you entertained all evening. That suggests with this gadget by your side, you will hardly feel the need for any company. It is a complete package in itself and it can go beyond your expectations as a base radio scanner.

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