Whistler WS1065 Review : Desktop Digital Scanner

The expectations of new and reliable whistler scanners were already in cards with the advancement in communication. However, I was surprised to see some of the efforts were vague as some of these products were not as good as believed to be. However this couldn’t be missed out of the list of best police scanners.

I awaited the release of whistler’s new police radio scanner for months. When the product finally released, I quickly bought and tried its advanced features. At first, it seemed like a solid product and delivered what it promised.

At the start, I felt like I overpaid, but things changed when I used the product for a while and discovered features like dedicated buttons, better control panel, and excellent coverage.

So I decided to share my brief review about the WS1065 covering all its features and everything.

As things stand, I got my hands on the new release but is it worth $299.99?

Let’s find out!

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First Key Feature: Better Control Panel

The Whistler WS1065 is a mobile scanner that looks more like the PSR 400 and 600 series. Both of them were good in their own regard, but Whistler beats them with easy to use and advanced features.

The control panel features intuitive controls that were not seen before.  The advanced audio hardware is paired with a brief control system that gives a clear sound than other scanners.

The object oriented scanner has proved itself easy to use and programmable. The virtual scanner can store different configuration for your needs. I was very pleased to find a dedicated button for skyward and spectrum sweeper. I also found the dash DIN-E kit very handy.

Bottom line: I will be straightforward here, I loved the layout, and the buttons were not unbearably small.

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Second Key Feature: Loud and Clear Audio

I want to give Whistler credit that they made the WS1065 police radio scanner with high-end speakers. It features the far most advanced audio hardware in the market. This is the most sophisticated speaker setup out there, and it brings great reception to the table. Distorted signals sound very clear on this device.

I was interested to see what treat was in it for the police. Sure the team of Whistler wanted to add a few other good reasons to impress the police authorities as they did.  The Whistler WS1065 is compatible with Project 25 communication standard which is used by the police and local organizations.

Bottom Line: The audio quality was amazing. I found clear even if the signal was bad. But I did notice a bit difference in quality after using it for like 30 days. On the other side, I needed to fix some audio settings, so if anyone has a problem to configure the audio settings, a heads out to them.

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Third Key Feature: Excellent Reception

The utmost thing a police scanner needs; the Whistler has great reception. I was not expecting the antenna that came with it but couldn’t argue about its usability.  The added antenna boosts the range, but the built-in features including V scanner machine save you from configuring the device over again and again.

I was very impressed with its access to frequencies that is used by spotter networks. The LTR home repeater moves frequencies to repeater slots as transmissions are received on the system. These had a bit of lag, but still this isn’t something that I want to brag about, thanks to the company’s customer care who noticed this problem and fixed it in later releases.

Bottom Line:  I would really like to add that while the reception was great and it covered a wide range, it was still a bit lagging. This could be a slight downside of this product.


  • it’s easy to program
  • Compatible with standards of Federal Authorities
  • Great speakers and crystal clear audio
  • Swift weather updates
  • Massive Storage


  • The provided features can be overwhelming
  • Some frequency and radio features can be lagging from time to time

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Overall, this is a good piece of hardware and is quite useful. But when you consider the price of this radio police scanner, you need to consider a few points. These points are what other brands offer you for the same price? And can this radio last for years?

Well for $299.99, you are not getting any advanced features what this device is giving you. I was really downhearted to see that no one is even offering comparable features such as Whistler. So on that note, I will say you should invest your money.

Now the second thing is it reliable enough to last for years to come; I can only add that Whistler is known for its reliable range of products. The company’s product line has always seen its user’s convenience.

In conclusion, it does justice to the price and keep up with the company legacy. Its convenient use and durable built is ideal for any customer.

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